lørdag den 19. maj 2012

Forgiving a friend

It's hard to forgive a friend. You may think that it's impossible sometimes. It isn't. Forgiving is the part of having a friend. Everyone mess up sometimes. Some mess up more often. Well I'm good at it. And that is not something I'm proud of. I hate it. When someone mess things up you just want to run away and just ignore the person who messed up.I would probably say that solving the problem is the right thing to do. If it was a very close friend - No lets say it's your best friends. If it was your best friend who messed something up, you would get hurt... Like really hurt. How you react is the key to solve the problem. If your'e a very vulnerable person, you may think closing of is the right thing to do. But you know what? - You can't solve a problem if you won't talk about it! The more you wait, the harder it get's to forgive each other. Just tell yourself : Is it worth it, to ignore each other? What about all the things you've been through? - You might say "What about trust?". You can rebuild the trust, but if you keep ignoring the person you will get even more hurt.

fredag den 4. maj 2012


12. - That's the number of muscles you are using when your'e smiling. A smile is the most beautiful thing to put on. Even if you use on more muscles to smile than it takes to frown, it makes a huge difference. It's totally worth to use one more muscle to wear a smile. And it's not only beautiful, the world also looks brighter from behind a smile. Too often i see sad faces... I see people frowning. Usually my smile fades away when i'm surrounded by sad people. But it shouldn't. So I have told myself to smile to people when they don't. As they say, "they might smile back." Well I've also told myself that the only time that I'm aloud to frown, is when I'm absolutely sure, that there are no smiles available. - Smile! :-)

mandag den 9. april 2012

Upside down

We have all tried it. Tried to get that feeling that the world is upside down. Tried to get that feeling that you don't know what is happening. Well at some point it's all because of change. We all change, whether we like it or not. Maybe you have tried getting hurt. Deeply... I have. Way to many times! You realize that you just can't forget your pain. You can't just wake up like everything is allright... Remember when you were a kid? You could eat some candy and then everything was allright again. Well sometimes candy helps. We will maybe forget it for a while, but it doesn't solve anything. I would love to be a kid again, but i guess we are meant to change. It's just our nature to change. Sometimes we like it and sometimes we hate it. We just have to accept the changes. When everything looks dark you just have to remeber the light! See the bright side of things. It makes your day so much easier even if the world is upside down. It's all about attitude. The perfect outfit doesn't exist, without a smile! - So wear it! <3

fredag den 6. april 2012


Dreams… We all have them, whether it’s big or small dreams.  Maybe it’s dreams about becoming famous, or a dream about being president. I have dreams too. Maybe not that big, but they exist! When I wake up in the morning I have two choices. I could go back to sleep and dream those dreams, or I can wake up and chase those dreams… I prefer the last one! Even if I fail I just have to continue trying, and in the evening I just have to tell myself that I can try again tomorrow! When I finally success I get that great feeling! I only got that feeling because I kept moving! Because I learned from my mistakes, and because I didn’t quit!

onsdag den 4. april 2012

Never give up!

As a gymnast i know how hard it is to keep fighting! I have been struggling with my handstand and now it's finally perfect. I can completely control it. Now im trying to do a one armed handstand, and it's actually kind of difficult. But i have managed to stand 5 seconds a couple of times. Well it's not only when i practice gymnastics. It's constantly. If you want to give up then just remind yourself why you fought for it in the first place!

Living on the moon

Maybe you have wondered why I have a moon as my background. Or why its called  http://living-on-the-moon.blogspot.com/. Well my best friend and I have decided to live on the moon. Away from everyone. Just a place where we can be alone, and can't be judged by others. A place where we can't get hurt by people. She is like a sister to me. She is my other half. <3


I have always told myself that i'm just an ordinary girl. That i'm not important. That i'm never going to be important, and that my life is just like every other girls life. Guess i was wrong. Recently I realized it. That i'm important. Maybe not for everyone. But for my friends and for my family. I'm not like everyone else. I'm me, and i'm proud of it! You are all individuals, and you just have to believe in yourself! Just remeber: Never give up!